• Jinzhai Osmanthus Theme Park

    Product: E-10B

    Location: Lu'an, Anhui

    Area: 288 m²

    Installation method: column or other foundation

    Date:2018 / 05

  • The large-scale theme sculpture of "The Fall of Osmanthus in the Moon": about 25 meters in diameter, using special stainless steel forging technology, rose LED sound and light screen technology, combined with the elegant Osmanthus Garden landscape environment, using a modern deflation structure, using technology Sound and light images that blend the sense of the future with the sense of future.It combines the beautiful osmanthus myths and legends of Jinzhai with the rich culture of the Red Revolution Holy Land.

    Create a visual and auditory experience that blends ancient and modern, combines movement and static, and travels through time and space.In the clear sky, the stainless steel reflection of the sculpture body incorporates the blue sky and clear water of Jinzhai and the pace of harmonious development of the city. The sculpture is ingeniously integrated with nature and the city.Xia Xuanyue lights up together, illuminating the night sky.