• Yuexiu Yuehui City, Guangzhou

    Product: GWS-3.91 Sidelight

    Location: Guangzhou

    Area: 2400 m²

    Installation method: curtain wall installation

    Date:2020 / 09

  • Guangzhou Yuexiu Yuehui City is the first retail commercial project of an incubation fund jointly established by Guangzhou State Assets Fund and Yuexiu Real Estate, with a construction area of 280,000 square meters. Its predecessor is the Fortune World Plaza, which is positioned as the "International Footwear Theme Mall". After 600 days of upgrading and transformation and nearly 1 billion yuan investment, it has become the largest shopping center in western Guangzhou and a new landmark in Guangzhou's retail industry. Inspired by the theme of "Butterfly Transformation" and the concept of "One step, one scene, enjoyable travel", it integrates Lingnan characteristics, regional culture and modern trends to create an immersive experience of spring and autumn, and the changing of the four seasons.

    In the process of introducing the world's leading technology, Yuehuicheng cooperated with Unilumin Joyway to create a new commercial visual feast. In just 100 days, the giant screen transparent screen, outdoor cabinet screen, customized arc luminous body, surround-type led light bar, etc. were combined into multiple screens, which perfectly integrated the art and technology elements into the commercial complex, and at the same time, the design was designed to meet the commercial requirements. The video content displayed in the atrium is a 2,400㎡ immersive experience scene tailored for Yuehui City. When the night falls, the main entrance screen is linked with the transparent screen in the shopping mall to become an arc-shaped luminous body that echoes the city. The media curtain wall of more than 1,000 square meters displays dynamic and fashionable multimedia effects, creating a colorful atmosphere that makes the whole building The mall is like a pulsating city pulse, exuding vitality and vitality from the inside out!