• Greater China International Financial Center

    Product: VT-1031

    Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

    Area: 1310 m²

    Installation method: general building wall

    Date:2018 / 05

  • The Greater China International Finance Center is one of the landmark buildings on Shennan Avenue. It is a business complex integrating a top-level business hotel and a luxury business apartment Grade A office building. The total construction area is 200,000 square meters. The exterior wall of the entire building is made of glass curtain walls. Design, the outdoor large screen project uses the unique VT video lighting products of Wenchuang, the large screen is installed on the outside of the building's curtain wall, and the entire project covers an area of 1310m².

    The video lighting products of Zhouming Cultural and Creative have the advantages of high frame rate, high color reproduction, high protection level, light weight, low power consumption, no influence on indoor lighting, no light during the day and hidden on the building, and a high-definition large screen at night. . From receiving the task to lighting up the large screen, the entire project was produced, installed, and debugged in only 20 days! For 40 years, Shenzhen has not slowed down at all!