• Philippines GA Tower

    Product: O-H2550

    Location: Philippines·Manila·EDSA Avenue

    Area: 2260 m²

    Installation method: building facade

    Date:2020 / 08

  • GA Tower is a 30-story twin tower residential building located on EDSA Avenue in Manila, Philippines. It is a landmark building in the Philippines. Based on the dual needs of building practicability, city style display, and brand promotion, the O-H2550E grille with light weight, low power consumption, high brightness, strong environmental adaptability, and transparency of up to 72% was selected.

    The screen does not affect the indoor lighting, but also can present delicate and exquisite pictures during the day and night to achieve perfect visual effects. The addition of large outdoor LED screens is of great significance to show the city's outlook and brand promotion. The 2260㎡ LED giant screen built by Chau Ming Creative for the GA Tower in the Philippines has become the largest outdoor LED landmark large screen in the Asia-Pacific region. Add infinite vitality to the GA Tower building, display the Philippine national culture, city style, corporate brand and other cool pictures on the big screen, greatly enhance the location value of the place, and successfully create the national business card of Manila and even the Philippines! It has a broad and far-reaching influence on the promotion of the Philippines' foreign exchanges and the development of the entire Asia-Pacific market.