• Beijing wukesong huaxi square

    Product: vt-1060

    Location: Beijing

    Area: 787m²

    Installation method: pillar

    Date:2016 / 10

  • Beijing wubei's underground commercial city leaves sky, located next to the wukaitong stadium in Beijing, the structure is a leaf, the first tail is sharp, the middle ellia, the total area of 787mis. The exquisite design of architectural art, like the fall of autumn leaves, when people look up, seem to enter the perspective of the surface life. As the shape of the leaves of the life, which calls for people to resonate, is a big difference, the display of its display shines brightly, and the colorful flow of the colors of the color of the color of the color of the color of the body is scattered on you, as if you have opened a different window on top of you, and you can't jump through it. "There is a poem that says," like sieve flour, the tears of the stars are on the wall."