• Shanghai Yangguang International Media

    Product: VT-1531B

    Location: Shanghai, China

    Quantity: 56000 ㎡

    Installation method: general building wall

    Date:2019 / 11

  • This project takes the 8 buildings of the Yangtze River Delta Headquarters of China Central Radio and Television Station and the Shanghai Terminal as the main design. Each building has four facades and the top of the main building. The facade of the podium building is the core area of the light show; the project uses a total of 30,000 meters of VT The -1531B product can create a light show scene covering an area of about 56,000m² within 30 days, which reflects the efficient production level of cultural and creative industries and rapid project production capabilities.

    On the evening of October 3, 2019, the International Media Light Harbor successfully premiered two large-scale light shows in 8K "Magnolia City" and "Most Beautiful Chinese Style", celebrating the second CIIE and presenting the new China to the people and the world. Great changes and achievements in the 70 years of its establishment!