• Qingdao Hairun Business Hotel

    Product: T-16

    Location: Qingdao, Shandong

    Area: 640m²

    Product Application: Building Facade

  • Qingdao Hairun Business Hotel is a foreign-related tourism hotel under Qingdao Hairun Investment Group Co., Ltd. It is located in the center of Qingdao's central business district and is a high-end foreign-related hotel integrating accommodation, catering, business and entertainment.

    The whole project adopts 640m² large screen of Zhouming Wenchuang, which is installed on the facade of the hotel building, and uses Zhouming Wenchuang T16 flat panel products, which are light and thin, bright and energy-saving, low power consumption, high protection level, easy to install without affecting The building is beautiful and can be perfectly integrated with the building.