• Phnom Penh NAGAWORLD

    Products: VT-2450, E-10

    Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Area: 8060 m²

    Installation method: general building wall

    Date:2017 / 08

  • NagaWorld is Cambodia's top comprehensive one-stop hotel and entertainment city. This landmark entertainment venue is a landmark building in Phnom Penh. In response to Naga's luxurious and high-end overall tone, two rectangular LED signs with a total area of ​​730m² were created on the east and west sides, which can display clear images even in bright sunlight. The two signs are composed of 2916 display modules, the distance between each pixel is 10.66mm, and the resolution of a single sign is 1824 x 384, which activates the dynamic space dynamics of the building bridge and conveys the brand image of the hotel. A comprehensive symbol of Phnom Penh’s economic power and culture.

    The design concept of the second phase of the project focuses on expressing the luxury and dignity of the entire building of the entertainment city, focusing on the prosperous scene of its top landmark. The second phase of NagaWorld uses new lighting products & intelligent control systems to achieve lighting + video dynamic interpretation, and the pictures are combined with the local area. The folk culture, the characteristics of the building itself, and the technological development of the city have achieved clear levels and consistent steps, which fully demonstrates the prosperity and development of NagaWorld.