• Tianjin Love Colorful Village

    Product: GWS-16

    Location: Jingwu Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin City

    Area: 707 m²

    Installation Method: Frame Structure Curtain Wall Installation

    Date:2020 / 09

  • Tianjin Love Colorful House is a residential work created and upgraded by Love Real Estate based on the original idea and ingenuity. Utilizing the unique geographical advantage, the design concept of "green, vitality, and humanity" is integrated into the community and family, realizing the perfect integration of the prosperous urban atmosphere and the quiet residential experience.


    The marketing center of the park, as the customer service window of Love Colorful, pays special attention to the brand of Love Real Estate and the overall image of the park.
    Customized installations are carried out by selecting the side-emitting transparent screens of Zhouming's creative and flexible magic series, which are integrated with the glass curtain wall. When night falls, the transparent screens surrounding the outside and top of the entire marketing center are lit, like a colorful The "Water Cube" shining in the park has become the new urban focus of Xiqing District, attracting everyone to stop, and constructing and lighting up the ideal city in the hearts of future owners.


    The transparent screen of Zhouming Cultural and Creative Technology integrates technology and art into the park, and the craftsman builds beautiful scenes. It not only lights up the colorful scene of love, but also revitalizes the vitality of the city. It has become a unique "Water Cube" landscape in Tianjin, and it has upgraded the image of love real estate. Brand value empowerment!