• Suzhou Longhu Times Street

    Product: W-15

    Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu

    Area: 294 m²

    Installation method: single point support glass curtain wall

    Date:2017 / 04

  • Longhu Times Sky Street, located in the CBD core area of Shishan Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone, is a one-million-square-meter urban complex. The G glass screen series products were selected for this project, with a permeability of up to 80% and a weight of only 8kg/m².

    During the day, the high-permeability LED display will not block the sight of indoor personnel, but can also play a variety of commercial advertisements with exquisite picture quality and interesting content for the shopping mall; at night, the swan swimming in the lake, the Dettol rose, and the The sunset and twilight picture rushed towards the face, making people immersive.