• Longgang Vanke Plaza

    Product: GWF-3 (positive light) 

    Location: Shenzhen·Longgang

    Area: 70 m²

    Installation method: fixed installation in the atrium

    Date:2020 / 11

  • In the era of stock business, commercial real estate is only "new" and unbroken. Only by creating a more content and attractive consumer experience space for renewal and upgrading can the shopping center maintain its vitality. In November 2020, the high-floor "cold area" ice rink and the overall space of Longgang Vanke Plaza will be reorganized.This is another "major adjustment" since the opening of Vanke Plaza, following 2016 and 2018.

    In this adjustment, Vanke Plaza is based on exploring the ideal life style and building a "fourth space" for new social relationships. It uses natural elements such as water, trees, and flowers to organically integrate ecological art with the commercial environment, and chooses Zhouming Cultural and Creative. The phantom series LED transparent screen interacts with the digital water curtain, showing a beautiful and smart space design, hiding the natural things indoors, creating a realistic version of "The Wizard of Oz", providing an immersive experience space for the public. At the same time, with the unveiling of the new space on the fourth floor, it has injected new creativity and vitality into Vanke Plaza and promoted the renewal and upgrade of Vanke Plaza.