• Moonlight Economic Complex, Yinzhou South Business District, Ningbo

    Product: O-2525E

    Location: Yinzhou South Business District, Water Street

    Application type: building facade, customized special-shaped canopy Completion 

    Date:2020 / 09

  • Located in the south of the administrative center of Yinzhou District, Ningbo South Business District is a modern service industry cluster demonstration area of Zhejiang Province, a municipal modern service industry base and a superior headquarter base of Ningbo City. It is committed to build one of the most dynamic high-end business and economic agglomeration areas in Zhejiang Province and even in the Yangtze River Delta.


    The Water Street, which stretches across both sides of the South Business District, has a modern space with a winding natural waterway. With the bottom business of eight business buildings as the core, and the multi-functional business district, it has formed a unique high-quality commercial pedestrian street, which is a must-choose tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.


    Unilumin Joyway tailored for the water street curtain led display, through the creative led screen body shape design, in line with the commercial pedestrian street scene content production integration presentation, to create an immersive experience space, so that the water street is full of popularity has become the flow of the "internet-famous site".