Media Facade

Dazhonghua Financial Center in Shenzhen

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:1310m²

Ga Tower in Manila Philippine

Product:VT1031 Display Size:1680m²

Moscow Delta Building

Product:O2535 Display Size:2450m²

Maoye Building in Chongqing

Product:O2535 Display Size:2760m²

Nanchang VR Industry Base

Product:T-16C Display Size:1196.16m²

Metropolitan Oriental Plaza in Chongqing

Product:E-6C Display Size:123.93m²

V Plaza Hospital in Thailand

Product:O-2536E Display Size:28.928m²

Dingding Mall in Changsha

Product:O-2550 Display Size:161.25m²

Tashkent Uzbekistan Ice Arena

Product:VT-1025 Display Size:1500m²

Shijiazhuang Ailang Hotel

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:1767m²

New World Shopping Mall

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:1264.8m²

Shanghai Central Center

Product:VT1031 Display Size:720m²

Anyuan Building in Dingzhou Hebei

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:640m²

Mingzhu Plaza in Handan Hebei

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:800m²

Yinsha Plaza in Handan Hebei

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:231m²

Sanlong Guild Hall in Handan

Product:VT-1031 Display Size:1680m²

United bank for Africa project

Product:E-10 Display Size:25m²

Xi'an Taihua Road Primary School

Product:E6B Display Size:17m²

Phnom Penh Cambodia NagaWorld 2nd

Product:E10 Display Size:138m²

Valenting in Gangcheng Shanghai

Product:E10 Display Size:64m²

Phnom Penh Cambodia NagaWorld 1st

Product:E-10 Display Size:730m²

Exelco Jewelry Shop in Taipei Taiwan

Product:E-8B Display Size:40m²

Shangling Apartment in Shenzhen

Product:E-10 Display Size:89m²

Zhangjiajie Dayongqiao intersection

Product:T-16C Display Size:116.79m²

Zhangjiajie Weidi Hotel

Product:T-16C Display Size:90.44m²

Beijing Times Art Museum

Product:E-10 Display Size:206m²

Argentine Museum

Product:T-16 Display Size:306.66m²

Qingdao Hairun Business Hotel

Product:T-20 Display Size:640m²

Xintiandi Community in Dayawan Huizhou

Product:T-16 Display Size:188m²

Labour Building in Chaoyang Liaoning

Product:T-16 Display Size:190m²

UHabour Ortles in Zunyi Guizhou

Product:T16 Display Size:144m²

Yueying New City in Zhongshan Guangdong

Product:T16 Display Size:216m²

Zhongshan Ancient Town Huayu Plaza

Product:T-16 Display Size:194m²

Mtree Hotel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Product:T13 Display Size:79m²

Globaltronics in Manila

Product:T16 Display Size:184m²

Deka City Plaza in Songyuan Jilin

Product:T16 Display Size:86m²

Near Manila Airport in Philippine

Product:T16 Display Size:110m²

Junyue City Plaza in Liuyang Hunan

Product:T-16 Display Size:113m²

SM Shopping Market in Cebu Philippine

Product:T-16 Display Size:120m²

Food Industry Park in Yangzhou

Product:T-16 Display Size:236m²

Wan Fosi Temple in Shanghai

Product:T-16 Display Size:78m²

Fuhai Plaza in Kunming Yunnan

Product:T-16 Display Size:236m²

Yuzhong Plaza in Chongqing

Product:O25 Display Size:210m²

Kartal Belediyesi in Istanbul Turkey

Product:O25 Display Size:72m²

Tairui Hotel in Taiyuan

Product:O2535 Display Size:685m²

The 1st Stage of Tatan International Commerce City in Shijiazhuan

Product:O3125 Display Size:500m²

Business Journey Building in Taipei

Product:O3125 Display Size:427m²

Liuheju Restaurant in Beijing

Product:O25 Display Size:120m²

Haoyue Hotel in Zaoyang

Product:O25 Display Size:96m²

Sh.Entuziastov Street in Moscow

Product:O3125 Display Size:152m²

Gwongeumseong in Beijing

Product:O50 Display Size:980m²