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Freeform Trends

Puyang Hengfeng Shopping Park

Products:VT-1031E    Display Size:7088 pcs

Dalian Music Square

Products:E-16C    Display Size:508.56 m²

Tortoise Mountain TV Tower

Products:O-2525    Display Size:968.5 m²

Meizhou Pearl Red

Products:VD-30    Display Size:1780 m²

Chongqing Returned to The Three Gorges Moon Screen

Products:O25      Display Size:40.32m²

Wenzhou Cruise

Products:O2525      Display Size:36.4m²

Fujian Mount Wuyi Square

Products:VT-1031    Display Size:43 m²

Riverside Sphere Screen in Miluo Hunan

Products:VT-1031    Display Size:475 m²

Dawangjing Renovation Project in Beijing

Products:E-10B    Display Size:286m²

Osmanthus Theme Park in Jinzhai Anhui

Products:E-10B    Display Size:288m²

Dock at the Bund in Shanghai

Product:T-16     Display Size:100m²

Red Star MACALLINE Commercial Street in Shanghai

Product:VT-1031     Display Size:572m²

Wangfujin Shopping Mall at Jinding Cultural Plaza in Haerbin Heilongjiang

Product:O3125     Display Size:324m²

Longping Park in Liuyan Hunan

Product:T16     Display Size:490m²

Yintai Center in Chengdu

Product:VT-1020     Display Size:505m²

Ortles Indoor Sky Screen in Zunyi Guizhou

Product:T16     Display Size:190m²

Irregular Leaf shape Sky Screen at Huaxi Plaza in Beijing

Product:VT-1060     Display Size:787m²

Central Plaza in Zaozhuang Shangdong

Product:VT1031     Display Size:750m²

No. 1 Harbour City in Sanya Hainan

Product:O2550     Display Size:80m²