Transparent led screen creates a realistic version of The Wizard of Oz

The development and change of the commercial market is like a series that never ends. Newcomers will always become the protagonists, but only those who continue to study acting skills and create new roles with old faces can become "old drama bones."


This is especially true in Shenzhen's business. In the era of stock business, commercial real estate is only "new" and unbroken. Only by creating a more content and attractive consumer experience space for renewal and upgrading can the shopping center maintain its vitality.


On November 14, Longgang Vanke Plaza "LIFE4 Floor" grandly opened. This adjustment is a "rejuvenation" of the ice rink and the overall space in the high-floor "cold area" of the project. Since the opening of Vanke Plaza in 2013, after 2016 and 2018, Unilumin Joyway has also injected creativity and vitality into the renovation of Vanke Plaza.


Longgang Vanke Plaza "LIFE4 Floor" grand opening


# Project Information

Project Name: Longgang Vanke Plaza

Project location: Shenzhen·Longgang

Optional product: GWF-3

Project area: 70 square meters

Product features: high transparency, high brightness, customizable, high protection level

Protection level: ip65

Application scope: commercial atrium, glass curtain wall, shop window


The renovation of Vanke Plaza is based on exploring the ideal life style and building a "fourth space" for new social relationships. It uses natural elements such as water, trees and flowers to organically integrate ecological art with the commercial environment. The high protection level of the magic series LED transparent screen interacts with the digital water curtain, showing a beautiful and smart space design, hiding the natural phenomena in the room, creating a realistic version of "The Wizard of Oz".


Longgang Vanke Plaza "LIFE4 Floor" before the renovation



After the renovation of "LIFE4 Floor" in Longgang Vanke Plaza


With the unveiling of the brand-new space on the 4th floor, a series of fashion and art activities helped make Longgang Vanke Plaza's purpose of creating an "ideal life" more clear. The addition of LED transparent screens will create an immersive experience space for commercial complexes for consumers. Bringing another kind of slow time enjoyment and immersive experience in the box MALL, as well as enhancing the brand value of the commercial complex also gave great significance.


Today's shopping malls are no longer just places to sell goods, but more based on the cultural marketing idea of "life art, art life", exploring the development space of concept, environment, service and art. Longgang Vanke Plaza, which is positioned to "build a one-stop family shopping center", has become a benchmark commercial project in eastern Shenzhen since it opened in 2013. Since then, Vanke has never stopped thinking and practicing on the city's business.


In the future, as Vanke continues to explore more business possibilities, I believe it will continue to refresh its business imagination and play a good role in leading the future of the city. As a strategic partner of Vanke, Unilumin Joyway will also work closely with Vanke to join forces and look forward to working with Vanke to explore new business areas and create a new benchmark for urban commerce!

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