The large screen of Unilumin Joyway entered the Sino-German Industrial Park

Cooperation with Germany (Europe) is one of Shenzhens going out and bringing in and industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years, and the manufacturing industry is moving towards a higher end.

As the "geographical core" of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as of now, there are 2,456 companies in Bao'an District that have trade relations with Europe, of which approximately 50% are traded with Germany. In 2019, Bao'an District's imports and exports to Germany reached 1.397 billion US dollars, of which exports were 1.022 billion US dollars and imports were 375 million US dollars.

Based on this, the Baoan Sino-German (Europe) Industrial Demonstration Park was born, committed to becoming a carrier for the docking between Baoan enterprises and German enterprises, and opened a new chapter in Baoan District's cooperation with Germany.

 The Sino-German (Europe) Industrial Demonstration Park is positioned as an intelligent and humane green ecological R&D office space, with green technology and smart office as the highlights, breaking the traditional R&D industrial park layout model, and shifting from a single plant form to a comprehensive business and life integration , Personalized and intelligent flexible ecological R&D office park.

In terms of personalized and intelligent office positioning, smart display has become a major symbol in the park. The nearly 100-square-meter display screen of Unilumin Joyway entered the industrial park and became a novel and unique way of external communication and image display in the park.

Project information

Project Name: Sino-German (Europe) Industrial Park, Xixiang, Baoan, Shenzhen

Selected products: E-6

Project area: 85.16 sq.m

Completion time: 2020.12.11


Compared with traditional outdoor light boxes, LED displays have more prominent advantages in display methods and product performance.

On the one hand, the E-series display products of Unilumin Joyway have the advantages of high brightness, high color contrast, high frame rate, safety and stability, etc., and can display delicate pictures and present perfect visual effects under any climatic conditions.

On the other hand, a tablet computer control device is also connected to the screen system. By implanting software in the tablet computer instead of and system integration, it not only reduces the connection lines, saves space, but also reduces costs and improves stability.


The addition of LED screens to the Sino-German (Europe) Industrial Park opens up new channels and new methods for internal results display and external cooperation and exchanges, which is of great significance to the image of the industrial park



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