With the multi-screen combination of 82 unmanned ships, "Ships Says Begonia" has a new look again!

New Year's Day celebration! With the multi-screen combination of 82 unmanned ships, "Ships Says Begonia" has a new look again!


In the new year with a new look, the brand new unmanned ship light show, "The Ship Says Begonia", the first waterfront real-world cultural and technological performance in Yancheng, Jiangsu, has been upgraded and revised and will officially start in China Begonia Garden on January 1, 2021.


The total time of the performance is 30 minutes, and it is divided into six acts. The begonia flower is the main thread throughout, telling the twists and turns and moving emotional stories between the four protagonists, war and faith, sea and isolated island, life and watch, miss and love, all Fully express the theme of "Begonia Miss". With the changes in music and the ups and downs of the plot, there were bursts of applause and cheers from the stands.



Innovative Aspect "3346"

"The Ship Says Begonia" is a magnificent symphony performed by light and shadow. It is a legend of Begonia performed by an unmanned ship. In the real scene of the interdependence of the city and water, it creates a multi-dimensional fusion of rich elements such as light and shadow, installations, music, and actors. Space and innovative performing arts.

Speaking of the innovative highlights of this performance, Mr. Liang Zhenyun, the chief producer of the light and shadow show of the unmanned ship "The Ship Says Begonia", summed it up as "3346".


The first "3" refers to the stage.

There are a total of three stage sets for the performance: (1) land stage-show theatrical performance; (2) waterfront stage-use violin installation to present shocking light and shadow; (3) lake stage-water robot technology exhibition.

The second "3" refers to the use of "three noes" technology products in this show, namely drones, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned ships. The audience was curious about where these smart products appeared in the performance, and they were amazed by their innovative presentation.

The "4" of "3346" refers to the four excellent theater actors in the live performance. Their performance connects the inside and outside of the stage, connects time and space, connects the story and the audience.

The last "6" refers to the six acts in the performance. Between these six acts, the storyline is ups and downs, and the audience resonates emotionally. "


"Culture + Technology" creates an immersive experience


At the new light and shadow show on New Years Day night, 82 newly upgraded unmanned ships formed a large formation on the vast stage formed by land and water, and they were strongly linked with unmanned ships, drones, and unmanned vehicles, fire dragons, digital fireworks, and intelligence. The water dance system and other rich elements echo each other, creating a changeable, shocking, and dreamy scene that shocks the vision. At the same time, the plot is based on the environment of Yancheng, refined the culture of begonia, showing the ups and downs of emotional stories with "missing" as the main line, with new customized theme music throughout, perfect fit and fascinating.



High-performance products help wonderful presentation


The world's first unmanned ship art performance-the "Ship Says Begonia" series of light and shadow shows, pioneering the use of unmanned ships in cultural and tourism performances, integrating lights, lasers, projections, audio, mechanical devices, etc., using a huge violin Combine, move and change with LED multi-screens to create a full range of audition and shocking experience.

Among them, the display effect of the unmanned ship in motion plays a vital role in the overall visual experience. After multi-party product evaluation and verification, Zhenyuan Wenchuang finally joined forces with Unilumin Technology and customized 22 T-16B led display products, which were placed on 16 ships. The screen body has an IP67 ultra-high protection level, earthquake resistance, Wind resistance, salt-alkali corrosion resistance, etc., can well withstand the impact of unfavorable factors such as large hull vibration and high sea air humidity, making the whole performance present a perfect effect.


T-16B LED screen

Display effect

Display effect


This is not an ordinary light and shadow show, but an immersive experience brought by "culture + technology"-the performance breaks through the traditional stage performance mode, creating waterfront immersion on the vast stage formed by land and water Interactive performance.

The light show of "The Ship Says Begonia" is the first collaboration between Zhenyuan Cultural and Unilumin joyway . It breaks the conventions of cultural tourism projects and builds the performing arts market and the unmanned ship industry chain for performances by means of "culture + technology". Shows the new pattern of Yancheng's industrial layout, using science and technology, popular expression, structural storytelling, image characterization, theme human culture, and "Begonia" emotionalization into the five highlights of the light and shadow show, making Yancheng "night" to "night" to be wonderful!


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