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Shenzhen Unilumin Joyway Tech Co.,Ltd (formerly Shenzhen Joyway Technoligy Co.,Ltd.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300232).

Founded in 2009, Joyway is a supplier of outdoor digital signs, media facade based in Shenzhen China, We empower businesses with the most technologically advanced outdoor products available. Our products is designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions any electronic component could be exposed to.

Our customers and partners are the leading lighting design, architecture and engineering firms, as well as the premier developers and brands. Together we have completed over 2,000 installations worldwide, including renowned architectural landmarks.

Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are our guiding principles. From product development, customization competence and integrated solutions, to worldwide project management, planning and support services, these values drive and shape us within our ever-evolving industry.


The Lightest Vista On The Horizons


Set Him Thinking, Innovate and Make Progress


The Leader of Architectural Multimedia Facade




The company was renamed Unilumin Joyway Tech Co., Ltd. and building on synergies with Unilumin’s global presence.


Move to a new factory in the Unilumin Industrial Park. Set up the most professional outdoor product line



With innovative solutions, the company has become a leader in the field of architectural media


By many years cooperation which ultimately led to Unilumin complete acquisition of Joyway, thus strengthening our position in the market by combining knowledge and experience in technology and marketing



A leap into professional architectural lighting. Developed video lighting products with the technology of display screen, subverted he traditional lighting industry.


With the continuous upgrading of products, we have become the leader of Media Façade market and define the new standards of the grille display



The first integrated outdoor grille display product in the industry, Outdoor display has entered a new application Era


Joyway was established Shenzhen, in 2009. Originally positioning itself in the LED display market as a producer



UNILUMIN Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 300232), a world-class LED display solution provider, aims to provide global customers with high quality LED display products. The LED display market share of UNILUMIN ranks among the top three in the world for consecutive years.

The company‘ s main products are high-definition full-color LED display and LED lighting. The sales and support networks of UNILUMIN has covered more than 160 countries, which has over 700 channels with subsidiaries in New York, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Melbourne, Dubai, Stuttgart, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and so on, as well as having offices in Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, America and Mexico, etc. In 2019, the sales volume of the whole group is nearly US $1 billion.

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