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VT Outdoor Video Lighting

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Product Features

Video level effect

1、High Frame Rate:60Hz frame frequency, traditional lighting can only reach 30Hz

2、High Gray Scale:RGB32768 (3×15bit)

3、High Color Rendition

Ultra-Long Transmission

1、Ultra long power supply transmission,High voltage, large current transmission, and even AC220V directly to the product

2、Ultra long signal transmission,Signal transmission up to more than 1024 points,the longest up to 3840 points.

High Protection Class

For the first time,the protection level of IP67 is realized in the industry,and the service life of the product can be extended effectively.

Product Show

Product Specification

Model VT-1531A VT-2550C
Product Image
Input data SDI Data SDI Data
Material Aluminum body & PC Mask
(Color can be customized)
Aluminum body & PC Mask
(Color can be customized)
LED Lamp High brightness DIP(1R1G1B);
Oval DIP LED(4R3G3B ), High brightness ;
Unit Size L:1000 - 3000 mm;W:15 mm;
D:28 mm( Customizable)
L:1000-4000 mm; W:25 mm;
D:42 mm(Customizable)
Strip Permutation Horizontal丨Vertical Horizontal丨Vertical
Pixel Pitch Internal of strip:31.25 mm(Customizable) Internal of strip:50 mm(Customizable)
Brightness 6.5(cd /dot ) 20(cd /dot )
Viewing Angle (H)100°x(V)45° (H)100°x(V)45°
Drive Mode Constant current static, built-in FPGA, network chip Constant current static, built-in FPGA, network chip
Input Voltage DC 48 V,built-in DC48V-DC5V power module AC 220V,built-in AC-DC5V power module
Maximum Connection 3840 dot;120 m ( 60 Hz ),Signal loop backup;DC48V/10A(≈50m) 3840 dots (60HZ); Signal loop backup; Power: 150m
Power Consumption Max 8 - 10 w / m Max. 15 - 20 w / m
Protection IP67 IP67
Weight 0.65 kg /m 1.15 kg / m
Grey Scale RGB 32768 ( 3 x 15 bit ) RGB 32768( 3 x 15 bit )
Refresh Rate ≥ 3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz
Frame Rate ≥60 Hz ≥60 Hz
Working Environment Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃ ;
Humidity: 10% - 90%
Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃ ;
Humidity: 10% - 90%
Applicable Systems VF-A2 VF-A3