BNBA Shopping Mall in Moscow

Products:O2535      Display Size:165m²

Universe Commercial Building in Hongkong

Products:O50      Display Size:192m²

The market of constructional material in Hebei

Products:O25      Display Size:106m²

Jindi Building in Hebei

Products:O25      Display Size:96m²

Minjie City in Zhaoqing

Products:O25      Display Size:216m²

Sun Kung Kai Center in Hongkong

Products:O3125      Display Size:190m²

Nimble Group in Guangzhou

Products:O25      Display Size:216m²

Traffic Building in Shandong

Products:O2550      Display Size:132m²

Finance Company in Krasnovodsk Russia

Products:O3125      Display Size:216m²