Qingdao Mingjia Building

Products:E-10C    Display Size:654.48m²

Chongqing returned to the Three Gorges Phase 2

Products:E-10C    Display Size:239.62m²

Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Roadshow Center

Products:E-10B    Display Size:50m²

Osmanthus Theme Park in Jinzhai Anhui

Products:E-10B    Display Size:288m²

United bank for Africa project

Products:E-10B    Display Size:25m²

Dawangjing Renovation Project in Beijing

Products:E-10B    Display Size:286m²

Xi'an Taihua Road Primary School

Products:E6B    Display Size:17m²

Valenting in Gangcheng Shanghai

Products:E10    Display Size:64m²

The 2nd Stage NAGAWORLD Golden Edge Display in Cambodia

Products:E10       Display Size::138m²

Star Avenue Mall in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Products:E10B       Display Size::1005m²

Hard Rock Hotel in Macao

Products:E-10B       Display Size::61m²

Haibin Cultural Center in Tianjin

Products:E-10       Display Size::231m²

Exelco Jewelry Shop in Taipei Taiwan

Products:E-8B       Display Size::40m²

Yindi Plaza in Yongzhou Hunan

Products:E-10       Display Size::53m²

Pondok Indah Mall in Yakarta Indonesia

Products:E-10       Display Size::73m²

Yong Ao Barcelona in Chongqing

Products:E-10       Display Size::81m²